About Our Fees

  • Initial phone consultations are free.
  • Comprehensive claim file reviews are free.
  • In-person consultations are free.
  • If you choose to hire us, our fee is a percentage of any additional monetary benefits obtained for you. The percentage depends on the type of benefit obtained. This type of fee is called a contingent attorney fee. It means that we do not get paid if we do not obtain additional benefits for you. Our fee is often 15% and is never more than 30%.
  • Litigation expenses are costs associated with pursuing your claim. These include things like obtaining medical reports and paying for your doctor to testify. The law requires you to be responsible for these expenses but we often advance the necessary funds and then recover them when we obtain monetary benefits for you.
  • A written fee contract is used so you can ask questions and will know how our fees will be calculated before you choose to hire us.

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